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Micro Systems Lab. in AJOU UNIVERSITY

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Making small machines which are almost invisible has been one of the dreams of mankind. Such machines, so called MicroElectroMechanical Systems(MEMS) in US, Micro system technology (MST) in europe, and micromachines in japan, are composed of both mechanical devices and electrical devices.
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Micro Systems Lab. in AJOU UNIVERSITY


1. New project is launched. (2012.11.)
  " Development of biocompatible plasma multiplatform for treatment of cancer via recovery from the tumor microenvironment"
   This national enterprise is supported by the Korea Research Foundation.
   - Period: 2012. 11. ~ 2017. 10. (5 years)
   - Fund:
500 million won in a year  

2. Home coming day photo (2011. 6. 25)
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3. New project is launched. (2009. 5.)
   " Development of the surface acoustic wave gyroscope with high shock endurance and high dynamic range"
   This national enterprise is supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation.
   - Period: 2009. 5. ~ 2014. 4. (5 years)
   - Fund:
240 million won in a year  

3. AjouMEMS lab was selected the second stage of BK21 (2006. 4.)
   "MEMS/NANO photonics-based sensors and biomedical applications"
   This national enterprise is supported by the Korea Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development.
   - Period: 2006. 9. ~ 2013. 2. (7 years)
   - Fund:
250 million won in a year 

4. New fab is completed 
(2006. 3.)
   "AjouMEMS fab is completed on the fifth floor of Energy center"



Nothing special.

Job Opportunity

1. Research Professor / Postdoctoral researcher position opening

We invite applications for one research professor and two postdoctoral fellowship with emphasis on MEMS/NEMS, SAW, Photonics(LED, Solar Cell)
We seek highly qualified individuals with research experience, especially fabrication experience. 
The two-year appointments are funded by the BK21 program. A PhD at the time of appointment in microelectronics, acoustics, and electric or closely related field is required for these positions, as well as a significant record of research productivity.  Candidates with skills in high performance computing and fabeication techiniques are particularly encouraged. Our research program offers competitive salaries and opportunities for career advancement. To apply, please send a CV, relevant publications and the contact information of three references to: Prof. Sang Sik Yang (E-mail :ssyang@ajou.ac.kr)

2. New Ph.D. students and Master students invited

This position is opened only for Korean.

    Dr. Sang Sik Yang
    Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
    Ajou University, Suwon city, 443-749 South Korea
    For the application E-mail correspondence is preferred.  
    For further information, please contact Dr. Yang, Sang Sik on the phone (+82-31-219-2481).


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