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MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) is a class of systems that are physically small.
This system technologies are miniaturized systems which comprise sensor,actuators and electronic functions thereby opening up a whole range of new applications which would not be possible with purely microelectronic systems.
These systems have both electrical and mechanical components. Making small machines which are almost invisible has been one of the dreams of mankind. Such machines, so called MicroElectroMechanical Systems(MEMS) in US and micromachines in japan, are composed of both mechanical devices and electrical devices.

MEMS benefit
Small size / Lighter / Cheaper
Low Power / High reliability / Icrease levels of integration
Multifunctional enable / Cost effective

Korean Description


Micro Systems Lab. in AJOU UNIVERSITY


Sensors and actuators are the two main categories of MEMS.
In recently a wide range of mems applications prototypes has been developed. MEMS are highly miniaturized devices that integrate a number of functions including fluidics, optics, mechanics, and electronics on a single silicon chip using traditional integrated circuit process technology. MEMS merge sensing, actuating, and computing into miniature systems that enable enhanced levels of perception, control, and performance. Example applications include advanced sensor technology used for airbag deployment for the automotive industry; optical switching devices developed for telecommunications; miniature drug delivery systems implemented by medical device companies; hand-held DNA analysis products for biotech companies; and HDTV quality projection displays on a chip developed by electronics component companies.

Military / MOEMS / BIO Medical / RF


Micro Systems Lab. in AJOU UNIVERSITY

Facilities arrangement plan


Microfabrication Facilities



Emulsion Mask Contact Aligner


Manufacturing company : Midas system
Substrate Size : Piece~6inch Wafer 
Msk Size : 7inch X 7inch
UV Lamp : 500W 
Dual Microscope 
Semi-auto System Type 
Beam Size : 6.25inch X 6.25inch 
365nm Output Beam Intensity : 15-20mW/cm2
400nm Output Beam Intensity : 20-25mW/cm2


Furnace for oxidation & diffusion


Manufacturing company : Sungjin semitech
Wafer size : 4inch
Operatin temperature : 25~1100
Uniform Heat Zone
 - between : 400~800
 - between : 800~1250
 Use : oxidation, annealing, n/p doping




Use : metal deposition


PR Spin coater


Manufacturing company : Midas system
300rpm~8000rpm(3%) DC Motor
Time : 1~999sec,variable
Digital Program Type
50Step, 20Recipe
Wafer size : Piece~6inch Wafer


RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) System


Use : O2 plasma processing


Electroplating Stations(Cu, Ni)


Use : metal electro plating


Dicing Saw


Manufacturing company : Disco(Japan)
Use : wafer sawing(Si, glass)
Max workpiece Size : 250x 250 mm





Manufacturing company : Ultech
Use : metal depositon
Wafer size : 4inch

Gun quantity : 3ea / 1-chamber(Ti, Au, Pt)
RF power : 600W, 13.56MHz, Auto-matching type
DC power : 2kW, Switching type


Analytical & Test Equipment




Manufacturing company : Olympus
STAGE: Coaxial XY (Right Hand), 4in. x 4in. Travel
: UM Plan FL 5X, UM Plan FL 10X, UM Plan FL 20X, UM Plan FL 50X


Probe station


Manufacturing company : Ecopia
Wafer size : 6inch
Microscope : Olypus 120X
Dimension : 575×485×430 mm(
Manipulator traver : 10×10×10mm
Screw resolution : 10/pitch


Depth profiler(Alpha step)


Manufacturing company : Tencor
Ranges: 1000Å, 2500Å, 5000Å, 10kÅ, 25kÅ, 50kÅ, 100kÅ, 250k, 500kÅ and 1000kÅ. Leveling (Auto, Manual).
Scan Length: 3mm (Manual mode), 2.5 mm (Automatic)
Resolution: 50 Å


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