This site is to reciprocally share the information of micro heat pipe (MHP) with everybody who is interested in it and to be utilized as a open board for talking about problems, troubles or questions in working or fabricating micro heat pipe. There is not any limitation for this site and feel free.

Merely, what I would be expected is mutual communication on MHP related issues and I wish the information, concerns, troubles, questions, or etc. from who are interested in MHP would be written down on the discussion BBS of our Lab. homepage and then all information can be shared. 

Micro heat pipe project is being done under supporting by BK21. To develop micro heat pipe for cooling microelectronics chip, a team was organized with two labs, Microsystems Lab and Heat transfer Lab. The organization is as below;




 Bulletin of Micro heat pipe project (will be updated continuously)

            There are lots of troubles in developing micro heat pipe using micro machining technology (MEMS). Currently we have difficulty in charging working fluid in micron scale channel in quantitative control and doing vacuum sealing because the micro heat pipe is 100 зн in hydraulic diameter. Also, temperature measurement will be another big difficulty for micron scale when the performance test of micro heat pipe is done. Now, troubles are being solved out gradually. All of these troubles will be settled down sooner or later.

last updated : May 30 '2000