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 SAW Pressure Sensor  

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Fig. 1. 440MHz SAW pressure sensor

Fig. 2. The measured S11 and sensitivity of the 440MHz SAW pressure sensor  

Surface Acoustic Wave-Based Pressure Sensor with Ground Shielding over Cavity on 41o YX LiNbO3
Keekeun Lee, Wen Wang, Geunyoung Kim, and Sangsik Yang

A 440MHz surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based pressure sensor was fabricated for stable mechanical compression force measurement.  A single-phase unidirectional transducer (SPUDT) and two acoustic tracks were employed to minimize inherent insertion loss and improve reflectivity of the reflectors.  The coupling of modes (COM) theory and finite element methods (FEMs) were used to determine optimal design parameters.  A LiNbO3 diaphragm was bonded to a heavily doped silicon substrate with a cavity ~250 µm deep, lined with gold to reduce the coupling loss of SAW energy to the surrounding atmosphere.  As a mechanical compression force was applied to the diaphragm, the diaphragm bent, resulting in phase shifts of the reflected peaks.  The phase shifts were modulated depending on the amount of mechanical compression applied.  The measured reflection coefficient S11 showed good agreement with simulated results.

Fig. 3. Wireless measurement system and the 2.4GHz SAW pressure sensor

Fig. 4. The measured S11 and sensitivity of the 2.4GHz SAW pressure sensor


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